We’ve been so busy getting things in gear over here!! Lots of chats with brides and grooms and tons of getting flowers back into our weekly, if not daily, lives. Our blog is clearly suffering a wee bit, but hopefully, with a little TLC and time, it will come together.

When Lydia and I decided to make F&Y a collaboration we made a rule that I think we are having a hard time sticking firmly to. We wanted this to come about organically. There are days we push so hard to get everything done and sorted so quickly that we end up looking at each other like “whaaaaaat were we thinking”. Today we had kids at our feet while we tried to make something happen that actually did not need to happen right then and there. So, we sat down on the couch and set each other straight.

With that said, our blog will get there. I know it. Bare with us and check in now and then;)



One comment

  1. You go, girls! Love that you are collaborating – two lovely and talented women. I know great things are to come for you.

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